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A Holistic, Kinesthetic & Tactile approach to boost 
Creativity & Confidence of kids ages 7-12

Why Tactile Learning?

We bring the kinesthetic paradigm into learning in a way that has not been done before. The results speak for themselves.

The physical aspect of actually tinkering and building an object helps drive dramatic increases in Math scores and confidence levels.

What do kids learn in our FREE Class?

We believe that kids have unlimited potential. So we don’t want to waste their time (and yours) on a “FREE class” that is just a sales pitch.


Check out the video to see what your kid will learn – as narrated by the kid herself!

Perks for the “Wiz 15”

Upto 15 of our top students will get mentored by alumni from prestigious Universities such as Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Chicago Booth and INSEAD help you plan your compelling personal story.

Our founder’s article on education and prestigious universities in the World Economic Forum blog. (Read)

Engage with people changing the world

According to a study at the World Economic Forum, 65% of students now entering the primary school will hold jobs that currently don’t exist.

Kids learn from senior leaders at the world’s most impactful organizations and companies.

Be a Tinker Wiz

Arjun (9 years)
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I can build real, physical, hardware games that I can play with my friends!
Sarah(11 years)
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I loved building lego when I was 6. Now I love building real circuits that work!
Lucas (8 years)
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The best part about sensors and circuits is it gives me lots of prank ideas!

Our Courses

Rising Robotic Wiz

Introduction to Electronics

3 Months – 12 Classes

Intro Offer 31% OFF
US$ 129

US$ 89

Price per class US$22

Language: English
Ages: 7-11

Free Snap Circuits Kit* 

Electronics, Sensors, Motors,
Coding concepts through circuits.

Create your own Electronic Games & Toys

Cognitive skills
Logical thinking & Tactile Engineering skills

Coding Wiz

Applied Coding

Tactile Electronics (required)
Advance Tactile Electronics (preferable)

Coding fundamentals, advanced concepts,
Space Tech applications, Introduction to
Arduino and Robotic Control systems.

Game, App development and
Space Tech simulations.

Cognitive skills
Algorithmic thinking,
Holistic Future Tech conceptualization.

Tinker Wiz

Coding Robotic Controls

Applied Coding (required)
Advance Tactile Electronics (required)

Snapino Arduino Kit

Integrate hardware and software concepts
to build products prototypes

Building Robotic Control systems

Cognitive skills
Computational and Engineering thinking skills

*Free Snap Circuits kit Available for Upfront Cost Payment Plan. US addresses Only.

About Tinker Wiz

Tinker Wiz is a a holistic and tactile approach to learning the next generation technology that will shape our world. With topics covering Future Tech, Robotics, Coding, Electronics, AI & IoT kids will develop their computational thinking, curiosity and creativity.

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